Innovation – Sustainable Aquaculture

Breeding Centers based on “Water Ring” Technology

Latimeria is committed to increasing and promoting sustainable aquaculture.

Our fish breeding centers are based on a unique re-circulating aquaculture breeding system – the “Water Ring”. The Patent Pending unique minimum discharge, re-circulating aquaculture breeding system is designed to maximize the biological needs of broodstocks and minimize operational costs. Developed following years of industry and academic research experience and abilities, the Water Ring’s” delicate combination of biology and technology enables us to improve sustainable fish breeding.

Breeding Center Technology Key advantages

  • High modularity for scaled up operations
  • High Level Bio-security to minimize exposure to pathogens from the environment
  • Efficient water use for water treatment and water reuse
  • Energy efficient for daily and photoperiodic operations
  • Environmentally friendly

Latimeria’s technology is at the forefront of the fish breeding industry. Using new concepts and methodologies that answer the fish industry’s evolving challenges, our innovative breeding centers are the culmination of years of technological and biological hands on experience.